Doon along the Watch Tower

The seasons are changing the nights and mornings are becoming cooler and cooler. The world is gripped by a pandemic that has never been seen in my lifetime. This makes adventuring hard when travel is not allowed. A Hyper-Local adventure was just the thing this Wandering girl needed. A 10km walk to get to a Parks Canada Heritage building on a Saturday to get the blood pumping.

On the banks of the Grand River sits a monument to the German-European settlers of Waterloo Region. The Waterloo (Doon) Pioneer Tower was built in the 1920s as a monument to the first European families, the Betzner’s and Schörg’s, who cleared the immediate area to build their settlement. There is a small nearby pioneer cemetery where you will find the original settlers, Samuel Betzner and Joseph Schörg (Sherk) and their families, buried. This is where Waterloo County/Waterloo Region was born!

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