Gord`s Burger

Gord’s Burgers is a “Pop-up” inside Public Kitchen & Bar between 11am and 2pm Tuesdays to Saturdays.

I hear a lot about food and restaurants in Waterloo Region, and occasionally beyond, through a local social media food group. Gord’s was brought up a few times as having a great burger. Some said even the best. I figured it was about time for this girl to check it out. I picked it for my #NewRestaurantSaturdays social media post this week.

I decided to reserve a table for 1 the day before using their online booking system to be sure of a table inside. The process is very easy through the joint website with Public Kitchen & Bar found here. Booking a reservation was very easy and completed it in just a few short clicks. Public Kitchen & Bar is located at 300 Victoria St. N. in Kitchener. Its very easy to get to either by car or local public transit (route 6 or 204 express both have stops a block or less away) if you don’t drive.

When I arrived to a retro looking pink and glass strip plaza there was just a few cars in the parking lot, which made me a bit sad that there wasn’t more. They have an area set aside outside with a patio that is partially covered with a gas heater. I also noticed some cozy looking blankets to wrap yourself in if its chilly for those who like the cooler weather. I got a seat inside in the warmth. Facemasks are (current as of the date of this post) mandatory in Waterloo Region due to the Covid-19 pandemic. So you must wear a mask when you go in and are circulating the restaurant, like going to the washroom, but can take off when your seated at your table. They do have Take-out available for those uncomfortable eating at establishments but still want to support a small business.

I was greeted by a very friendly hostess, I did not get her name, who guided me to a lovely table for 1. (As a note I love restaurants that don’t stick solo diners in a corner or at the bar). The space is beautiful, kind of a retro modern vibe, classy with a touch of homey, with slightly mismatched chairs. Which I didn’t even notice until halfway through my meal because it worked so well together. They also had some great diner classic tunes playing to set the mood perfectly with the food.

The food.. I picked Gord’s single cheese burger, their special of the day, Truffle Parm Fries, and a Malted Vanilla Milkshake.

Gord’s single cheese burger:
Was about as perfect as could be. Nothing overwhelmed the burger. It was meaty, slightly melted cheese, with shredded lettuce, onion, pickles and their “special sauce”. It was this creamy sweet burger sauce, what ever it was, was delicious. The bun wasn’t too big and held everything together though that sauce, near the end, was trying it’s hardest to drip all over me.
= $8 CAD

Truffle Parm Fries:
Perfectly fried with the right amount of crunch and fluffy for smaller cut fries. I love garlic. The aioli they used on the hand cut fries had a massive punch of garlic, sprinkled with parmesan, and topped with some banana peppers.
= $8 CAD

Malted Vanilla Milkshake:
Made with milk from the best local dairy in Waterloo Region, Eby Dairy’s Guernsey Milk. It was perfectly sweet and malty. Let me tell you it’s been a long time since I have had a solid and proper milkshake that doesn’t taste like its full of fake preservatives. Make it hand spun, and make it malted = Heaven!

Opinion: The burger and house cut fries with garlicy aioli and a devine vanilla malty milkshake. Amazing lunch. Highly recommend! Just go!
I’m gonna have to back and try Public’s tapas offerings and a cocktail. I can sneak a 2 for 1 for new restaurant Saturdays to the same place right?

As I was paying I had a nice chat with my server about how the malted milkshake brings back nostalgia from a place called the Lorna Dune in Wasaga Beach (not sure if its still there) when they used to hand make their ice milk (not ice cream) and hand made milkshakes. Mmm.

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