Latinoamerica Unida – Little Mexico in Galt

New Restaurant Saturdays this week is brought to you by a little piece of Mexico.

I don’t get down to this area of the region often but I was given the challenge of going for Mexican this week. So off I went for a late lunch.

Located at the back of an unassuming building in Cambridge within the Town of Galt. And a short walk from the Ainslie St Bus terminal if travelling by transit. Latinoamerica Unida at 101 Concession feels like walking into a piece of Mexico. At least I think, I’ve never been to Mexico.

I was greeted by a lady asking if I was there to pick up. I said no I was looking to sit at a table for one. Looking around there are 5 tables and they were all quite busy. Luckily they had a small table that had just cleared.

The restaurant is decorated with Mexican flags and banners. Some live cactuses in beautifully painted pots. There are some traditional groceries that you can purchase on a section of shelving. And you can tell this is a family affair there is even a young fella walking around helping out.

My choice was made easy. They had Pastor tacos on their specials board so I ordered 3 with medium heat. Ordered a large 500ml bottle of Coke (made in Mexico, the best). And I decided at the end of my meal, due to a neighboring table ordering them, a couple of churros as well.

The Tacos came out piping hot. The corn tortillas were warm and fluffy. Big chunks of grilled pineapple, chunks of pork and rich salsa.

I won’t review the Mexican Coke. However I did have an option of a large or regular size bottle. I took the largest bottle of course, Mexican Coke is what Coke used to taste like as a kid, its made with cane sugar, not high fructose corn sugar, and it brings back happy feelings.

The Churros! Hot, crispy on the outside soft on the inside covered in a layer of cinnamon sugar. I should have ordered a few more to go!

Opinion: Latinoamerica Unida feels like you’re walking into a small corner of Mexico where everyone is friendly and you’re just a neighbor. My meal was simple but delicious, the 3 tacos were a perfect, not too filling lunch meal. The churros are a must have. I would 100% go back, and intend to anytime I have a chance and am craving Tacos. Nothing else will do now!

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