Princess Cafe – Patios in November

It’s Friday Night, the end of the first week in November, and I’m drinking beer a on a patio! Who would have thought! Thank you mother nature!

I heard that the Princess Cafe had set up a Sidewalk beer store with some pretty rare brews from small brewers scattered around Ontario, not available at the LCBO. I had been wanting to check it out since I heard about it. Tonight seemed a perfect night with the nice weather.

So many choices, I won’t lie, I did a bit of investigation before I went because I knew I wanted a couple to take home. I picked two sours (Raspberry Snow, and Blazer) from a tiny little brewery in Seaforth Ontario review pending. And also picked a Tiki Sour made by Rorschach Brewery to drink on the patio along with a halloumi sandwich called the Big Marc.

The Sandwich: The Big Marc, was amazing, if you have never had Halloumi its a super hard/dense cheese that is perfect for grilling. This one had pickles and lettuce and something they called a special sauce and absolutely needs to be ordered by the masses! Order “The Big Marc” you will thank me!

The Beer: called Afterglow (Painkiller), Tiki Sour. A sour beer with layers of pineapple and coconut if a Tiki bar and a brew pub were to have a kid, this would be it. I can’t recommend this beer enough! When Covid is done messing with us I’m gonna have to go check out their actual brewery in Toronto @rorschachbeer Give ’em some love peeps.

Opinion: Go get some beer at The Princess Cafe that you will probably not find anywhere else (except for the actual brewery that makes them) grab a sandwich and have a great meal supporting small businesses!

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