The Guanaquita – El Salvador Dali

Today’s New Restaurant Saturdays has me listening to some light Latin salsa music in a Salvadorian restaurant, at The Guanaquita in Downtown Kitchener.

My visit should have happened years ago as I have lived in Downtown Kitchener, or near Downtown, longer than it’s been open. But tonight I traveled to Latin America. Just a short walk from my home. El Salvador to be exact.

The Guanaquita Combo consisted of a pork and cheese Pupusa, a traditional pastelito, Salvadoran enchilada and a chicken tamales it also came with a small coleslaw type salad and some hot sauce.

The Pastelito was like a veggie and meat hand-pie. It was crispy and piping hot on the outside and lots of veggies and bits of meat on the inside.

The Papusa was so good! One of the best I had, with the perfect amount of pork/cheese filling.

The Salvadoran enchilada was on a flat crunchy taco piled with bits of steak, veggies and cheese. The taco shell was so fresh and crunchy I thought that a round flat hard shell taco would be hard to eat, but it turned out to be easier than I thought. Once I figured out how to hold it.

The Tamales!!! This little parcel is delicious. I had NEVER had tamales before tonight. I’m not even sure why I’ve never had one. But I swear, after my first bite, I wanted to order ten more to bring home. I don’t even know what was in it. I swear I tasted an olive!? I have no clue, but what I do know is you need Tamales in your life!

Opinion: The Guanaquita unfortunately is not accessible. It is on the second floor of an old building, and the stairs are rather steep. If this is not an issue you definitely need to visit this often overlooked restaurant in Downtown Kitchener.

Everything on that plate was hot, fresh and definitely made with care. The staff were kind. And after maybe five minutes, the staff was concerned that I had not yet had my order taken.

Make sure to order a Tamales, or two. You will not be disappointed. I know I wasn’t. Only that I was a little sad that I didn’t ask to have a few more to go. lol

I was surprised that there were not more people eating there being a Saturday night. I get that a pandemic is going on at the current time but it doesn’t take much to support a small business. I think they are doing great with all recommended public health protocols in place.

Go support a small business. Lets help keep them alive. The reason I started doing New Restaurant Saturdays was to highlight the lovely small businesses that are all around, right in our own neighborhoods. You don’t have to sit in if you’re not comfortable. But many are doing take out and some even have their own delivery. We need to help these businesses the best we can.   

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