Waterloo Zombie Walk 2012 What an awesome event that happens yearly. I went up to get some fantastic shots which I did, however I had previously set up my camera to take some shots of Waterfalls and had forgotten to reset it. I failed to be able repair the photos. I did save a handful of photos that turned out pretty good. This was one of them, what a great Girl Zombie.. and she did try to eat me at one point. Enjoy! Continue reading Brains…..

Iceland is Greenland

Ok so I have been really busy, having a get away to the most fantastic, magical place, on this planet, ICELAND. I took so many wonderful pictures, but I thought I would share with you my Favorite from outside a little town called Hverager├░i.. the little puffs of white on the side of the mountain you see is steam. The ground is so hot from the lava under it it creates geothermal steam vents was really out of this world. More photos from my trip can be seen on my Flickr page, you can see the link on the right … Continue reading Iceland is Greenland

Peter V

What a great location, and a fantastic guy, Peter! He humored me when I kept moving him around. (Yes I am still learning when it comes to portraits, I believe I am getting better) This was a fantastic shot I took, and it definitely says a lot about his laid back and friendly personality as well. Location was at a place called Woodside Historic Site, its my new favorite photo location due to the fact there are so many options to choose all on one property. Continue reading Peter V