Louisville or Bust

Louisville Kentucky, first time there. I will need to go back and actually enjoy everything the city has to offer. However not this time. This time was for a Wedding. There was much socialising, so not as much camera time. However, there were a few moments that I was able to point my camera at things. This was one of them. Taken from the 22nd floor of the Galt Hotel in Downtown Louisville Kentucky. The Belle of Louisville makes its way along the Ohio River on an Evening Cruise. Loved how this photo turned out.   . Continue reading Louisville or Bust

A Piece of a Multicultural Quilt called Canada

Went for a walk through a park in the city I live in after work tonight. I only had my small Point and Shoot on me so there is much more noise than I would like. But I liked this image of these Women walking and talking in the park with their children. Its a feeling I got and could not resist sharing just this time. A moment in Time.   Continue reading A Piece of a Multicultural Quilt called Canada

Re-evaluating Life

I have been terrible at updating my page, and I do apologise for those who follow me. Ive been working on some personal issues. I am going to try my best and start posting more photos to keep things interesting. I will be posting at least one photo each time I’m out with my camera. I will also likely be revisiting some old shots that I enjoyed capturing and would like to share the time I spent in the place I took them. So please bare with me while I work out a rhythm. Thanks C.     Continue reading Re-evaluating Life