A Piece of a Multicultural Quilt called Canada

Went for a walk through a park in the city I live in after work tonight. I only had my small Point and Shoot on me so there is much more noise than I would like. But I liked this image of these Women walking and talking in the park with their children. Its a feeling I got and could not resist sharing just this time. A moment in Time.   Continue reading A Piece of a Multicultural Quilt called Canada

Re-evaluating Life

I have been terrible at updating my page, and I do apologise for those who¬†follow me. Ive been working on some personal issues. I am going to try my best and start posting more photos to keep things interesting. I will be posting at least one photo each time I’m out with my camera. I will also likely be revisiting some old shots that I enjoyed capturing and would like to share the time I spent in the place I took them. So please bare with me while I work out a rhythm. Thanks C.     Continue reading Re-evaluating Life