Goen Japanese Restaurant – Maneki-neko Beckons You

Today’s New Restaurant Saturday is brought to you by a Korean/Japanese hybrid restaurant. I was challenged to sushi this week. I had been to a lot of the best places in town. I really wasn’t up to doing All You Can Eat solo so I was looking for something a la carte. It was a tough choice, but it was a good challenge. I scoured the internet along with even posting a call to suggestions on social media. You can’t do New Restaurant Saturdays at a restaurant you’ve already been to. On Northfield East, not far from Conestoga Mall, I … Continue reading Goen Japanese Restaurant – Maneki-neko Beckons You

Princess Cafe – Patios in November

It’s Friday Night, the end of the first week in November, and I’m drinking beer a on a patio! Who would have thought! Thank you mother nature! I heard that the Princess Cafe had set up a Sidewalk beer store with some pretty rare brews from small brewers scattered around Ontario, not available at the LCBO. I had been wanting to check it out since I heard about it. Tonight seemed a perfect night with the nice weather. So many choices, I won’t lie, I did a bit of investigation before I went because I knew I wanted a couple … Continue reading Princess Cafe – Patios in November